I’m a Ryerson University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Film Studies. Not only does that give me the legal and professional right to watch black and white cinema with a glass of red wine (in a tailored suit, this is a FINE art degree we’re talking about), it also means I’ve got plenty of experience writing and editing short films. Most notably: Marshal Masters (a 40 Minute Kung Fu film starring the other nine year olds on my street when I was growing up).

On a slightly more serious note, I’ve been passionate about movies my entire life beginning with George Lucas’ Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy on VHS. As I previously alluded to, I’ve been making my own films since I was a kid, and I like to think I’ve learned something since then.

Flash forward to today, I’m a writer and film editor, with an interest in producing visual effects and creating minimalistic pop art. I’m also a dedicated husband, and a former writer on a webcomic.