The Current Demise of Destiny 2

So, we need to talk about Destiny 2.

Destiny has been my favourite game for the past several years.

Destiny was the game that I loved so much, and was so devoted to that it caused an issue in my marriage.

Then Destiny 2 came out and things… were different. Technically everything was there, and everything looked so much better, but there were little things that felt wrong. At first it was the shader controversy – which I was okay with at the time but definitely was a sign of things to come.

By the time Curse of Osiris came out I, much like a lot of the community, was pretty fed up with Destiny 2. Bungie had three reveal streams scheduled to show off CoO, but only made it through two of them before the community laughed them off the stage.

The second stream is now infamous for its “Two Tokens and a Blue” scandal. Bungie has promised up and down that their newest Public Event on Mercury was not only the biggest but also the most rewarding, only to be shown off that the rewards were only two planetary tokens and a common quality piece of gear. The third stream, which was scheduled to show off the new gear you could acquire in the DLC, was cancelled. I for one, would have loved to see what they had planned to showcase, because when the $20 expansion was released, there really wasn’t much gear to speak of. I can’t even imagine the reaction the community would have had to Bungie showing off an armour set that had to be purchased with Additional money, a set of guns that are no more powerful than the guns we already have but are twenty times more difficult to acquire, and yet another set of impressive ships, sparrows and ghosts that have to be purchased with Additional money.

Honestly, what did they think the $20 price point was buying for us?

Last week, Bungie returned from their Christmas holiday with their tails between their collective legs to see how much hate they had garnered during the holiday when they left us with a seasonal event – The Dawning – which again came with a flurry of new pieces of gear that had to be purchased with real money. This was their Christmas present to us. At the same time, games like Overwatch were giving out free loot boxes to players that played during Christmas.

Bungie released an apologetic update that showed us what they were planning to fix the problems with the game.

It did not deliver.

Basically, “here are a bunch of fixes that are only fair to the players, but only if they stick around to the next event in February.” There goes January.

This update only serves to show me that Bungie doesn’t really know what they want. They were the ones that implemented the micro transaction system. They were the ones who changed the PvP system to 4v4, before giving up and putting 6v6 back in. They were the ones who developed the lacklustre Masterwork system and the abysmal mod system.

Destiny 2 has become a game that has no identity. It isn’t the game that was promised by the end of Destiny 1. It isn’t the game that the fans want. And it obviously isn’t the game that the developers want.

In my opinion – which doesn’t mean much at this point – Bungie needs to focus more on taking their time with the expansions and improving the actual game, rather than trying to keep content fresh through the whole year. Other games are out there, if people drop in and out of Destiny that’s fine, as long as there is something to come back to. If Bungie continues to focus on disappointing seasonal events, the community will leave all together. Like I have.

I am interested to see if this update is an actual fix for the micro transaction disaster, or just something to placate the fans until the next expansion comes out. Honestly, I want this game to be the kind of game that I am way too in to. I miss the days when I hooked up with my clan on Tuesday nights.

See you all at Valentines Day.

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