Season 3 – Issue 1 – I’m Back

s03e01p01 - I'm Backs03e01p02 - I'm Back

Welcome back everyone! It’s been five years since anyone last saw anything from Johnny and Landie! For some of you, this may be your first time hearing from us. If that’s the case, you’ve picked a good time to jump on board. If you want to go back and read all of the old issues (from Seasons One and Two) you can visit (we lost the domain name a couple years ago) and go through the whole archive!

But even if you’ve read everything that came before, you still won’t be caught up, because five years have passed, both in real life, as well in the comics. Landie can’t remember anything that’s happened, and neither can we. Maybe in time, we’ll find out what we’ve missed, but for now you’ll have to keep coming back to find out.


You may have noticed that the art style looks a little different, that’s because Johnny is no longer illustrating the adventures, but these won’t be like the travesties that the old Landie Comics were. I look forward to sharing more of the laughs and adventures with everyone!

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